Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What's Going On

For the second day running, I have woken up exhausted. This does not bode well. In an average week there are certain things I can manage on a Monday, but not on a Friday, because I start to lose my mind. This phenomena happened early this week, meaning Tuesday is the new Friday (and as Tuesday, being the new Friday, was yesterday, today should be the new Saturday, but it isn't which sucks twice.)

Following the positive feedback after my Parent Paper article, and with some good news from a couple of fronts on TWIMCT, things are looking up work-wise. My little town (pop. 6,500) is good to me, with me getting a call usually once a week from someone saying: "I know you work for the Town Journal, and I've got this idea for a story but I don't know if you would like it..." These stories are pretty much always excellent, in a local paper way. The last example of this was a couple who are getting married next month who first met in pre-school when they were three. I presume they haven't been dating exclusively since then - I'll find out later this week when I speak to them.

The weather is starting to get on my tit-end though. It's supposed to be summer, but this current season rivals the summer of 2004 (Worst Summer Ever) where it was wholly unpleasantly humid or raining for four months, with the heaviest rain coming Saturday morning and ending on Sunday night. When I woke this morning, it was spectacular sunshine. It's now totally overcast and the rain (I will bet you a U.S. dollar) will start at 9:45, just in time to piss on my potential playgroup/interaction with adult humans at the park.

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