Monday, June 11, 2007

Sore Legz

Playing soccer shouldn't hurt this much after the event, and yet my legs feel like they are filled with rocks. I wouldn't mind so much if I had played well, but my best effort - a full stretch header - was tipped over the bar, leaving me with just one goal in four weeks.

At least it's hot - a little too hot for my somehow mainly black t-shirt collection. I took three showers yesterday and lost about 40lbs through my sweat glands. Luckily, there was 7-11 with a Super Big Gulp of root beer to put that straight for $1.29.

Lots of stories coming up in the local paper, and potentially some nice book news soon. My redrafting of my current project is progressing nicely, though the 1989 Batman movie should be condemned to the "not anywhere near as good as you remember it being nearer 20 years ago" pile. Apart from the one bit where Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne is ready to go at the Joker with a poker from the fire. That was cool then, and is cool now. Even the Batmobile looked a bit rubbish.

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