Friday, September 11, 2009

All Work And No Play...

... doesn't give me much time to post anything but a selection of random thoughts.

* Is it wrong to wish Baby Peach in Wii Mario Kart a painful death whenever she knocks me off course in Rainbow Road?

* Fall arrived right on time. September 1, and the leaves started falling, the rain started and it dropped 30 degrees. How is it then that summer arrived only two effing weeks before that?

* Graham Crackers seem to make a fair substitute for McVities Digestives... until you have a McVities Digestive. Then Graham Crackers revert to what they actually are - crappy thin fragile things that don't deserve to be dunked in tea.

* While I am prepared to give the rookie parents, dropping off their kids at school for the first time, some kind of benefit of the doubt, that expires on Monday. Dropping off your kid at school means following a couple of very simple, clear rules and using some common sense. This morning I was held up, along with at least 10 cars behind me, by an ass of a parent who parked with a 12 foot gap in front of her, at an angle, then proceeded to have a conversation out of her passenger window with a friend of hers. Later, unbelievably, she was holding up any progress in the wet hallways at school pick-up having a conversation - with the same friend! I could (and should) have swept the leg.

* I hate making the bed. It's pointless. I'm just going to sleep in it again, and really, who else sees it but people who don't care how it looks so much as how much comfort it gives? By the same token, I'm getting more and more lethargic and things I should care about (like shaving) are becoming more and more like making the bed. I mean, I don't like shaving, and it just grows back. And who am I grooming for? Only myself, really. And I like being rugged.

* My social life would be NOTHING without my kids. All the women I know I know because of my kids. The guys too, I know through their wives who I know because of my kids. That said, I am digging the town I live more now school is back in session. I really know some great, generous, fun people who just want to help... then there's that stupid mare who doesn't know how to drop off her kid at school. But I digress.

* England's qualification for the world cup next year was marred only by the fact I didn't see it happen.

* My book's delay in moving to full distribution on was all my fault. It was supposed to take 6-8 weeks after it was completed, but I didn't click a certain I AGREE button. So I clicked it on Wednesday. And it will be on Amazon... in 6-8 weeks.

Longer posts to resume once the kids are actually in the swing of school for real next week.