Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Total Recall

Many apologies for the lack of posts. Things have just gotten too much lately, what with the news I am going to have a book published coinciding with the hot summer weather.

To update y'all on the book, it's going to be a paperback out next March, and the title "The World Is My Changing Table" seems to be sticking. The contract is going back and forth and will be ironed out in the days ahead. In other book news, the wonderful James Hampton has provided his foreword for what will be my second book and work will pick up pace on that after September (after I deliver the final, final draft of TWIMCT to the publishers.)

The last two days have almost dipped into the hundreds, so needless to say it's hot and everyone's a little cranky. It's not been so bad, but I really have an avertion to air conditioners. They are noisy, expensive, inefficient things. But... they make sleep possible at night, and as I type this I have one rattling over my shoulder to stop me dripping on to my new Mac Book.

More news as it's made.

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