Sunday, July 22, 2007


The kids have been as good as exclusively under my jurisdiction since my wife was put on emergency night shifts this week. As a result, they are increasingly sick of the sight of me.

We have already cancelled one proposed weekend away, and the next break away (which was going to be Sesame Place) is on a knife-edge. That said, my wife is doing such important work and helping a lot of people with her sacrifices, a fact I am making sure the kids can comprehend.

In a possibly related story, my daughter asked me this week if I was mad because "Patrick won't eat his bloody Cheerios". She was right, I was. But I was laughing so hard at seeing my little mirror bounce back something I had said without realizing she was listening, I didn't even chastise her. Note to self: they are both listening all the time.

Patrick then played his part when I told him, as a special treat, we would be going to the kids favorite place to hang out - a video game arcade nearby. "Daddy, that's awesome," said my little two-year-old buddy before we played The Fast and the Furious together (him steering, me working the pedals.)

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