Monday, July 02, 2007

The Calm After The Storm

After the insanity of the last week, things have slowed to almost stopping.

This morning I could hardly find the energy to do anything. A trip to the park with the kids ended prematurely after it got a bit windy (force gale seven) and the kids whined all the way back to the van. We returned two hours later, after terrorizing the patrons at the library, only to leave five minutes after that when my son had a melt down when I "accidentally" snapped the stick he had been waving around in the faces of his peers.

At this point, the house is semi-clean, the laundry is all done, and the kids are either asleep or playing at some Candyland website. So, back to wasting time on the computer for a while then!

As I sit back having done all my publisher (heehee!) has asked of me, I'm hardly getting a break. Tonight I have to attend a pre-school committee meeting, albeit at the bar in town, and then tomorrow I can focus of somehow shaking off this strange post-best-news ever lethargy and get back to work on the book I was writing when I managed to land a deal for the first one I'd written.

As of the last hour, all I've done is put bids in on some throwback sports jerseys on eBay.

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