Thursday, October 01, 2009

Crime Doesn't Try

I've been getting a lot of spam phishing e-mails recently, which is surprising given that I don't give the email addresses I actually use to anyone except friends. But this morning's email actually made me mad with its lack of effort:

From: UK LOTTERY <****>
Reply-to: <***claimsdepartment1@hotmail>
Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009 7:32 AM
To: undisclosed recipients

Subject: RE

You have just been awarded, £800.000.00 GBP in the uk Online Promo, send us yourNames.....Address...Country...Sex/Tel...



Now, come on. I realize that this was probably written by someone who doesn't use English as their first language. But really. "send us your Names... Address..." How lazy can you get? The "uk Online Promo"? And the reply address is a hotmail account? (and now I'm getting picky.)

What's next?


From: UK Prize company awards free money association
Subject: you won money

You win. give bank account number, social security and mother's maiden name and anything else you think i will need to irritate and steal from you.

And don't tell my mom

Big John... I mean, "Prize Dept." haha sucker! oh wait... oh shit, I pressed send...! But how can I have pressed send if I typed that? Ohhhh i need to lie down.


Please get more sophisticated in your efforts to steal from me. This was so inept, it wasn't even funny. I kinda like those ones with the story about how I am the only one to help out in stealing millions from some African rich type. That makes me feel important. This just made me feel you aren't taking me seriously.

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