Friday, September 28, 2007

Spread too thin

I really am struggling right now. I wonder if I have taken on too much in trying to write books, trying to write for the newspaper, trying to write for magazines, trying to serve on a school board, trying to serve on a board of trustees at the library, shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry-ing, and keeping two kids alive.

On top of all this, I am sleeping so badly, not helped by the recent heatwave that hit right after I put the air conditioners away.

I need a break, not just from the kids (especially "the boy" (c) Homer Simpson.

Here's an example that just happened this very second. Penny is pouring herself some milk (she can get the stuff from the fridge and do it herself.) Patrick decides he wants to put the top back on the milk carton every time Penny takes it off. The result is a little spilled milk, which I shouldn't cry over. But there's more. Patrick then hits Penny very lightly on the arm with a drum, which makes her whine, flail her arms, and knock the cup FILLED to the brim with milk on the floor. This whole incident took less than three seconds from start to finish. That's potentially 20 such incidents a minute. And it's not quite 9:30am.


Carrie said...

Very enjoyable Blog !
Where was the cat ?? Saves you so much time on messes if you have a pet to lick them up. RE the clothes mess, just fill a couple of black bags for the charity shop, you may not have a big choice in clothes but much less laundry, and as for the potty trianing boys do seem not to care, my 2 yr old girl just trained herself in two days, the only issue we had, was that havingtwo older brothers she reused to believe that she could not pee standing up, if they can do it so can she.

adamkeeble said...

Thank you! We are in the process of switching from summer to fall regarding clothing. And as the kids' summer stuff won't fit them next year, it will be passed on anyway (and if it smells like cat pee, not our problem.) That said, today it's 85 degrees and humid like it's mid-July, so those summer t-shirts might have to last a few more weeks.