Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Year of the Keeble?

I have had more success in the last two weeks than in the entire second half of 2006.

Currently I have an agent and a publisher looking over my manuscript, and I'm progressing with my new project at a lick not seen since the early inspired days of TWIMCT almost a year ago (and pretty soon I'll have enough done that I will be less scared to talk about it - right now I'm very excited, but it's all about getting something actually written for me to build on.) I've already had a publisher very interested in picking up TWIMCT this year. It's reassuring that perhaps I wasn't wasting my time this last year as some form letters had led me to believe.

Then today I get an e-mail confirming an article I had submitted and forgotten all about will run in the Parent Paper in an upcoming issue. I am particularly pleased at this news because it was a funny article, very much in the style of TWIMCT, and therefore something useful I can point to. I will put it here in all its glory once it's published for real.

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