Monday, November 13, 2006


I was left home alone this past weekend, with nothing on the agenda but to finish a re-draft of TWIMCT.

This was the fourth time I've redrafted it, and while there were lots of minor changes (including a spelling mistake on the first page - a page I must have looked at a conservative 200 times), the bulk remained the same. So, I now I can genuinely say I have finished writing a 66,000 word novel. Hooray for me.

Everyone who has read the book in its various drafts has told me how funny it is. No offense to them, but I hope when someone who is prepared to pay me reads it sometime in the next week or two, they agree.

I am excellent at getting ahead of myself, and sometimes it's ridiculous (see the t-shirt story) but sometimes it's great. I read the magnificent Three Martini Playdate a few months ago, and it is hands-down the best parenting book I've ever read. I liked it so much I contacted the author, the multi-talented Christie Mellor, and she kindly agreed to read TWIMCT when it's done and lavish me with a quote for the back cover. That made me feel like a real writer for the first time.


neildeal1 said...

Hello Adam,
I certainly feel for you. Do you mind if i ask how you came by your agent?

Also, if you need to waste 5 mins have a read of my blog. Don't be put off by the minor drug ref in the first post!


adamkeeble said...

I don't have an agent yet. A friend has offered to give my stuff to her agent, but that's my only lead beyond looking for myself. I'll certainly take a look at your blog during naptime (the only time that is truly mine). Thanks for taking my comment cherry. Will you still read me tomorrow?

Biffo said...

Well done on finishing the word-book, Keebus.